I feel like a stone skipping on the surface of the world…

…bouncing at an angle from project to project. Each adventure I get into offers me new perspective which enrich my enthusiasm in discovering the world. At point of convergence between the moss and the mass, vibration are produced. Where ricochets happen, a fresh energy is created.

English contains many words of French origin and “ricochet” is one of those. In my mother tongue, the word “ricochet” refers to a pastime which involves throwing a stone with a flattened surface across a lake in such way that it bounces off the surface of the water. The object of the game is to see how many times a stone can be made bounce before sinking. I am a skipping stone and I don’t intend to sink. I sometimes need to throw myself away again and I always find energy in the horizon of the next bounce.

Ricochet, from Old French, is defined as give-and-take. “By Ricochet” means for me that every cultural enterprises I get involved in will be driven by those two actions, to give and to take, but more particularly by this one, which is the mixture of those : to share!